Video: Ball bearings embedded in Katyusha rockets

Folks, I received a PowerPoint slide show presentation in an email last week from a friend, and forwarded it to some J-Bloggers. The friend who emailed me the file has a friend who is a physician who works in Kupat cholim up north and Haifa. One of his collegues put the slide show together. It shows the damage incurred by Israelis from the katyushas that are raining down in Haifa, launched by the barbaric and cruel Hezbollah.

David Bogner of Treppenwitz fame has been very kind and is now hosting the slide show at his site, here. If you do not have PowerPoint, that’s ok. You can download a PowerPoint Viewer, hosted at Microsoft, here.

I ask all of you to view the slide show. It brings a whole new perspective on how deadly the katyusha’s are. Ball bearings are embedded inside the katyusha rockets, folks. Ball bearings. It’s sick.

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