Video: American soldier called a murderer at Code Pink meeting

A participant on the Mark Levin Fan chatbox posted a link to some amazing video of left-wing rats last night.

CJ, also known on as chcknhawk, attended a Code Pink (www dot codepink4peace dot org) meeting on March 29th in Greenbelt, MD and spoke up when the floor was open for debate.

The featured speaker was the lying she-witch, Muslim Baathist Saddam Hussein apologist, Eman Ahmad Khamas, the director of Code Pink’s Occupation Watch in Baghdad. CJ was shouted down and called a murderer when he asked his questions. CJ is seen one minute into this 30 minute must-see video. Approximately seven minutes into the video, an Iraqi Arab-American defends America against Eman Ahmad Khamas and her mendacious accusations of “occupation”. Both CJ and the Iraqi Arab-American are true heroes.

Please check out this amazing video that was taken of the rabid members of Code Pink and their exchange with CJ.

Here is the announcement of the event on Free Republic: Code Pink Insurgents & Uday Apologists Road Show in Greenbelt, MD Tonight – Weds, March 29, 2006

And here is the followup report after the event: After Action Report: DC Chapter at Code Pink event in Greenbelt, MD – 03/29/06

You can read more about this encounter on CJ’s blog, A Soldier’s Perspective and a hat tip to Mark Levin Fan.

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