Victims of Muslim Religious Apartheid


This young African Sudanese was kidnapped, and enslaved by radical Muslim raiders. Subsequently, his arm was chopped off by his master for the “crime” of losing a goat. To date, the Jihad in Sudan has claimed the lives of two million African Christians and animists. Thousands of other have been enslaved, raped, and maimed. Today there is a creeping genocide that threatens the people of Southern Sudan.


Sutarsi is a Christian, an Indonesian, and a victim of the creeping genocide against the Christian community in the Moluccas islands, Indonesia. Her village was attacked by Jihadist militants. In the ensuing battle, Sutarsi was shot in the face by a Muslim militant. She survived. Many of her fellow Christian villagers were not as fortunate. Nearly 50% of the population of the Moluccan islands is Christian. But they are now under siege. They face an onslaught perpetrated by the Laskar Jihad Islamic fundamentalist group, and ignored by the Indonesian government. The 1 million Christians of the Moluccas islands are fast becoming an endangered people. They face a systematic campaign of terror, torture, murder, and forced emigration. Without the help of the international human rights community, they will soon become extinct.


This young girl was one of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians murdered during the Al-Kosheh riots in January 2000. The Egyptian police sat and watched as she and her fellow Christian victims were terrorized by an Islamic mob during three days of rioting around the New Year’s celebration. There are an estimated 12 million Coptic Christians in Egypt. They are an ancient community indigenous to Egypt. They lived in Egypt centuries before the Muslims invaded from Arabia. Today they are one of the world’s endangered people. Subject to official and unofficial oppression, they endure sustained discrimination and occasional outbreaks of violence designed to slowly eradicate this ancient community. Without the help of the international human rights community, this religious minority group will soon become extinct.


In Israel over a thousand Jews have been killed by a suicide bombing campaign launched by Muslim groups such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Pizzerias have been bombed at midday. Even the mulitcultural campus of Hebrew University, home to Jewish and Arab students, was targeted by Jihadist radicals. Amnesty International has termed these suicide bomibngs a “crime against humanity.” The very survival of Israel is threatened by these random acts of violence designed to terrorize the Israeli public.

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