A Viable State by Mike Levine

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A Viable State by Mike Levine

Every newspaper article mentions a viable Palestinian state. Every TV news show speaks of a viable Palestinian state. Last week the magic word was ‘contiguous’, this week it’s ‘viable’.

Just what is meant by a viable state? The dictionary says the word viable pertains to a fetus that is sufficiently developed to be able to survive after birth.

So if we apply this word to the birth of a new state we are talking about a state which has the necessary infrastructure to survive and prosper; water, telephone, power, financial, transportation, industry, health and social welfare programs, a society which has educated and trained people to operate these assets efficiently and productively.

Is the Palestinian Authority ready? Are they prepared for statehood? Are they viable?

Are you kidding?

How could they be when for more than three years all their efforts have been expended in terrorism against Israel, and billions of donated dollars have been spent buying weapons, building bombs, brainwashing their children, creating and glorifying a death cult, and making the elite few rich, including Arafat who has secret bank accounts all over the world containing billions.

We keep hearing that Israel must provide the Palestinians with a viable state. Come again?

Who provided Israel with a viable state?

It was mainly worldwide Jewry who supplied most of the funds with which to develop the new state, and it was the ragged remnant of immigrants from the ovens of Europe plus the Jewish refugees from Arab states who turned sand dunes to orange groves, drained the swamps, built towns and cities, factories, a national water and electrical system, roads, bridges, railroad, hotels, schools and universities, and the second most powerful hi-tech industry on earth. All this while at the same time absorbing millions of newcomers, fighting five Arab wars, and suffering constant terrorism.

If the Palestinians want a viable state let them stop teaching their children to hate and kill. Let them use the billions of donated dollars for infrastructure and education. Let them tear down their miserable refugee camps and build decent housing for their people. The Saudis just had a fund raising campaign that raised 96 million dollars for Palestinian martyrs, a pleasant sounding euphemism for murderers and terrorists. Instead let them use this money to begin building the state they say they want instead of trying to destroy the state of Israel.

How many countries can you count that were handed a viable state on a silver platter?

None, that’s how many!

What makes Arafat think the world owes him a ready made fully developed state? Let him work for it like everyone else. If he’d rather spend his money, energy, and time looking for new and more horrific ways to murder Jews, he doesn’t deserve any sort of state, let alone a viable one.

And he certainly doesn’t deserve and shouldn’t expect any help from his victims! (Mike Levine is an American writer currently living in Israel)

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