Via FLAME: Hysterical American warnings against Israel’s new government show more chutzpah than wisdom


If Americans actually shared the Israeli experience every day, they might have sympathy for why Israeli voters—in a record turnout— overwhelming elected Benjamin Netanyahu’s rightist Likud party and several further-right parties that are predicted to govern with him.

Two Palestinian terrorists armed with a knife and an axe attacked seven religious Jews in Elad, Israel—three men, fathers all, died in the bloody attack. (Police captured the killers, with their axe, a week later.)

✔ At a light-rail station in Jerusalem, a Palestinian terrorist stabbed a 20-year-old man—the attacker was killed.

✔ A Palestinian driver intentionally runs over the five Israeli soldiers waiting at a bus stop—a bystander fatally shoots terrorist.

✔ September sees a record of more than 200 terrorist attacks against Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria (aka, “the West Bank”).

✔ A Hamas official vows that the Palestinians will “return” the entire land of Israel to its “original” owners.

It’s no wonder that voting Israelis in general are in the mood for more law and order. It will be no surprise if Tuesday’s American election shows the same dramatic shift toward fighting crime.

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