Vatican Raps Israel for Denying Help to Sri Lanka

Folks, where is heaven did the Vatican get the false notion that Israel refused to help Sri Lanka?! Check this out:

“L’Osservatore raps Israel for declining disaster relief.”

The Vatican newspaper has denounced what it called a decision by the IDF to deny emergency help to disaster victims in Sri Lanka. Calling for ‘a radical and dramatic change of perspective’ among people ‘too often preoccupied with making war,’ L’Osservatore Romano singled out Israeli military leaders for declining a request for emergency medical help.

Contrary to the Vatican report, an Israeli plane carrying 80 tons of food and medical supplies worth $100,000 was set to depart for Sri Lanka Wednesday. At the request of the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry, a team of some 150 Israeli medical and security personnel aborted their planned trip to the island Tuesday.

Folks, if L’Osservatore has falsely accused Israel of refusing to help Sri Lanka, they should immediately and publically apologize to Israel. This is a hideous accusation and anti-Semetic at best.

Vatican Raps Israel for Denying Help to Sri Lanka

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