The Vatican can not turn the corner on its own history

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Lawyers for the Vatican Bank — including Pope Benedict’s personal attorney — have argued that genocide committed in Croatia during the Second World War by a Nazi regime was permissible under international law.

In the ongoing lawsuit Alperin v. Vatican Bank, the Vatican Bank has filed a motion set for hearing in November [2006] which argues in part that the Vatican Bank is immune because the Nazi backed Croatian regime did not violate international law by slaughtering 500,000 of its own citizens -– Serbs, Jews, and Roma (Gypsies) in an ethnic cleansing campaign.

The Vatican Bank stands accused of the post war laundering of the profits of genocide –- including dental gold taken from the victims of the Nazi backed Croatian regime known as the Ustasha.

Attorneys for the Holocaust survivors are outraged that the Vatican Bank suggests genocide and plunder are permissible acts under international law. Jonathan Levy, one of the attorneys for the Holocaust survivors, questions whether the Pope is even aware of what the bank’s attorneys are proposing:

On the one hand the Vatican is quick to condemn Israel and Serbia in recent years but in essence says its O.K. to butcher 500,000 people, steal their belongings and stash it in the Vatican Bank…Pope Benedict should be concerned that the moral integrity of his Papacy is being undermined in a Federal Court”.

The lawsuit has been ongoing since 1999. Despite growing evidence of the Vatican Bank’s complicity in criminal acts, the lawsuit has been resisted tenaciously by the Vatican Bank.

Shavua Tov from San Francisco,

Jonathan Levy and Thomas Easton, Esqs.

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