Al Hamed vessel visited Tartous monthly with “cement”

Records on a North Korean ship docked in Syria have been altered. Online databases tracking a ship reportedly flying a North Korean flag that docked in Syria have changed their records following a report in The Washington Post linking the alleged Israeli air strike in Syria to a North Korean shipment. The mysterious Al Hamed vessel visited Tartous monthly with “cement”. Why is this important to know? As Captain’s Quarters puts it,

“…the North Korean ship that purportedly reflagged itself as South Korean to evade Western investigators disappeared from view after the Israeli strike on Syria last week. The Al Hamed delivered what the Syrians classified as “cement” in the days before the strike, and an Israeli tracer says the ship has not been seen since…

…One would suppose that intel agencies for the US and Israel have started scanning the seas for the Al Hamed. If they can find the ship and inspect it, they could determine exactly what it delivered to the Syrians, and the identity of the new owners. It’s entirely possible, though, that the ship will never sail into any port again after the Israelis uncovered its mission.”

The following is from Dr. Aaron Lerner – IMRA 16 September 2007:

Following up on a report in today’s Haaretz that identified the vessel Al Hamed as having visited the Syrian port of Tartous on 3 September, a search for the vessel using the cache option of Google finds that the same vessel also visited that port at the end of June and July also listing “cement” as the commodity it was carrying.

#1 First report:
Tartous port news
up date at /1:30/o’clock
Ship-traffic at Tartous port on Sunday 8/7/2007
In the port there are /52/ vessels out of them
/22/ vessels are being operated and discharging and
/30/ ones arriving .
Second :
Arrived vessels (0) vessels ready for berthing:

vessel ALHAMED
Port Triboli/Lebanon
ready for berthing not ready
arrival 30/6/07
commodity cement
weight 1700

#2 Second Report

waiting ships by date: Wednesday 2007-08-08

vessel ALHAMED
port —
arrival date 2007-07-30
commodity cement
weight 0
ready no

#3 Third report (using the translation option from Arabic to English)

Vessels arriving on Tuesday 2007-09-04

Readiness No
Weight 2600
The type of goods Cement
Arrival date 2007-09-03
Agency Marine
Port Tripoli / Lebanon
The name of the ship ALHAMED

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