Vandals desecrate Jewish cemetery in southern Germany

From Ha’aretz:

Vandals attacked a Jewish cemetery in southern Germany, damaging some 60 grave markers, roughly half of them beyond repair, regional police said Saturday, noting that no politically motivated markings were found. Police from the southern state of Bavaria said the attack appeared to have taken place at the end of January, but was not immediately noticed. The vandals appeared to have scaled the walls to knock over and break grave stones dating back to the1800s, they said. No sprayings or markings of any kind were left behind, leaving authorities to question the motive behind the attack.The cemetery, located in the village of in Bad Windsheim, which also includes a memorial, was cared for by a group of volunteers and has not been used for burials since the 1930s, police said. Local and state officials in Bavaria are offering rewards for anyone able to offer information about the incident.

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