USS Liberty II

Conspiracy theorists, specifically those who have visited this site in the past 24 hours waiting like poor, starving dogs at the butcher’s fence for any response from me, continue to claim the Israelis knowingly attacked a US ship on June 8, 1967. By some estimates, there are more conspiracy theories about the Liberty incident than about what the heck that item was that John Kerry was taking out of his pocket prior to the debates last week.

On message boards, where Israel is a frequent subject, you will see rantings and enraged posts about the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel more often than quotes to kill Jews from the Koran.

In fact, if you are a good researcher you will see posts and articles from Jew hating Muslims, who have aligned themselves with some of the survivors of the USS Liberty, who themselves get off on maligning Israel. When you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

And you will also discover that some of the survivors of the USS Liberty leave Jew baiting posts on neo-Nazi forum boards.

Remember these things, folks, in spite of the attempts by some survivors of the USS Liberty to place American flag .gif files conspicuously on their web sites, hoping that the American flag will act as a smoke screen for what is simply blatant Jew hatred.

One of the conspiracies is that Israel feared the Liberty might discover what Israeli troops had been up to in El-Arish, an allegation of a 1967 massacre of 1,000 Egyptian POWs by Israeli troops on the Mediterranean shore of the Sinai. The claim is that Israel chose to commit a war crime in order to disguise a war crime.

But rest assured, folks; this site dissects and rebukes the theories that the USS Liberty conspirators have been whipping up for the past 35 years, including challenging why Israel would risk the wrath of its ally, the United States, by attacking the ship.

Apply where appropriate, folks, and don’t forget; it’s a full moon and the looneys are surfing the web looking to spout their Jew hatred, when instead they should be donating their time and money to Swift Vets and POWs for Truth.

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