Use discretion when donating to specious charities

From David Bedein of

Another development – the New Israel Fund is raising funds for Arab towns, with the specious claim that they were the only ones without appropriate shelter facilities, without noting that the Arab villages, like ALL Israeli towns, were ill prepared and without appropriate shelters -despite six years of warnings that were ignored.

The greatest lie of all concerns the issue of the air raid siren systems. The NIF is spreading the word that the Arab villages do not have the sirens. An investigation by Ronny Sofer, correspondent for, documented how Nazareth and some of other Arab villages had demanded to be cut off from the Israel siren system, because they did not like being bothered on Israel Memorial Day and Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The bottom line: Discretion is the better part of valor. This will be a time to give with your hearts and with your heads…to make sure that the people in need really get the help that they deserve. Thousands of people in Israel are bereft, and the system in place cannot help them. Funds must go directly to their needs, with full accountability.

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