U.S. Will Boycott New Palestinian Unity Government

From U.S. Will Boycott New Palestinian Unity Government:

The U.S. will boycott all Palestinian unity government ministers, including non-Hamas members, unless international demands on policy towards Israel are met, Palestinian officials and diplomats said on Thursday. A senior Palestinian official said: “The Americans have informed us that they will be boycotting the new government headed by Hamas. The Fatah and independent ministers will be treated the same way that Hamas ministers are treated.” Abbas received word of the new U.S. position in a phone call from U.S. Assistant Secretary of State
David Welch on Wednesday, Abbas’ aides said. The U.S. government would still maintain ties with Abbas and his office, the aides added. During their meeting in Amman earlier this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin also told Abbas that despite Russian statements supporting the Mecca agreement, Moscow would only cooperate with the new government if it accepts the Quartet’s demands.

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