U.S. vetoes yet another anti-Israel UN resolution

The U.S. Tuesday vetoed a Security Council resolution condemning Israel for its incursion into the Gaza Strip, calling the resolution “lopsided and unbalanced” because it failed to mention Palestinian rocket attacks against Israeli civilians that triggered the action. There were 11 votes in favor, while Britain, Germany, and Romania abstained, but the U.S. veto, the seventh cast by the Bush administration on a resolution that condemned Israeli actions, blocked its adoption. U.S. Ambassador to the UN John Danforth said, “The resolution today encourages the terrorists.” Palestinian representative Nasser Kidwa said after the vote that he is considering calling for an emergency session of the UN General Assembly to press for Israel’s condemnation. Stamp your feet, Kidwa. Pout. Go on, we’ve seen the typical palestinian tantrum before. Slice an onion, maybe you’ll cry. You know it looks good on camera, you do it all the time for CNN.

U.S. Vetoes Anti-Israel UN Resolution

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