U.S. to finance Muslim schools

U.S. to finance Muslim schools

While the United States government spends billions fighting Islamic terrorism worldwide, it has offered Indonesia $157 million dollars for use by state-owned and Muslim schools.

The U.S. ambassador to Indonesia is assuring citizens here that Washington has no intention of interfering in the curricula of Islamic schools following a U.S. pledge to aid the local education system.

The comments from Ralph Boyce followed public pronouncements from Indonesia’s top Muslim leaders questioning U.S. motives in pledging $157 million USD over six years for the education system in the world’s most populous Muslim nation.

Leaders of Nadhlatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah, the country’s main Muslim organizations, warned Washington not to try to dictate the curricula of Islamic boarding schools known as pesantren. The concerns of Nadhlatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah, which have a reputation for tolerance (tolerance is relative, folks), have underscored that even moderate Muslim organizations are wary about being seen as cooperating with the United States, which is becoming increasingly unpopular in Indonesia in the wake of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Smooth Stone team would prefer if the murderers-in-training wouldn’t take the US funds, so that way, the US could use the money to purchase more daisy cutters, but several school leaders have welcomed the U.S. aid.

Some schools, though, most notably the Al-Mukmin and Al-Islam boarding schools on the island of Java, teach virtues of violent jihad, or holy war. Let’s face it; fundamentally, these schools are nothing more than glorified terror camps.

So, as pro-Palestinians and other terrorist-apologist “intellectuals” verbalize their jealousy over US aiding Israel, it’s important to note that if Jews really did control the world, Jews would make sure that the US wouldn’t pay a dime to fund Muslim terror camps, considering Jews would almost always be targetted.

Clearly, Islam’s raison d’etre – to kill Jews and other “infidels” – doesn’t make sense, but disregard for reality or reason is to be expected from warped Islamic haters.

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