U.S. Taxpayers Fund Grants for “Palestinian Studies”

US taxpayers fund “palestinian” mythology and its fraudulent culture, which never existed prioer to 1964, in spite of the empirical evidence that the land that Israelis now inhabit was bought and paid for legally, and the legitimacy of Israel was voted imprimatur by the United Nations. From U.S. Taxpayers Fund Grants for “Palestinian Studies”:

For more than a decade, the allocation of hundreds of thousands of dollars in U.S.-funded doctoral and post-doctoral grants on Palestinian issues has been decided by a group of Middle Eastern Studies professors that includes some of the most polarizing and radical figures in the field.

The Bethesda, Maryland-based Palestinian American Research Center (PARC) receives Title VI funding from the U.S. State Department and Department of Education for “Palestinian studies.”

Under the aegis of the U.S. government, PARC then gives out grants of $3,000 to $8,000 for activism in the name of academia.

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