U.S. State Department Undermines Jewish Rights and Defies International Law

Received the following by email from a good friend who commented “I think it is a great business move for the Paleo to open a call center in “East Jerusalem” — who but they can better lie about products and services?” A sad tale evolving out of the US State Department, via Myths and Facts:

The U.S. State Department has recently released a video on its website displaying remarks on the current activities of the new “U.S.-Palestinian Partnership” headed by Mr. Walter Isaacson, President of the Aspen Institute, and one of the C0-Chairs and the Coordinator of this initiative who stated at that press conference:

“The Partnership will be “trying to get a [Arab] call center developed … in East Jerusalem …”

Mr. Walter continues:

“I certainly think that Minister [Ehud] Barak is very much in favor of this call center” [Is Barak giving-up on ‘East Jerusalem’? Is Shass listening?]

Ziad Asali, President of the American Task Force on Palestine stated in the same press conference:

“And what is available to us [Arab Palestinians] at this point in time is what we can do in the West Bank and East Jerusalem … The first call center that’s being considered actually is [from all places] in East Jerusalem.”

In the name of “business development and economic opportunities [For Palestinian Arabs]” the State Department is systematically ignoring and undermining Jewish rights to Judea and Samaria and the sovereignty over Israel’s Capitol – Jerusalem.

Palestinian Arabs are encouraged by their success’ at historical revisionism and global brainwashing (including the U.S. State Department), with the “Big Lie” of a ‘Palestinian people.’

Historically, before the Arabs fabricated the concept of Palestinian peoplehood as an exclusively Arab phenomenon, no such group existed. This is substantiated in countless official British Mandate-vintage documents that speak of the Jews and the Arabs of Palestine-not Jews and Palestinians.

The State Department’s use of fabricated and loaded terms such as ‘Palestinian People’ and ‘East Jerusalem’ is a perilous threat that will only continue to incite Palestinian Arabs – leading to war, not peace.

To Condoleezza Rice: You maintained that you are “a student of international history” and the Jewish people’s history is well documented. Palestinian Arabs have nurtured a myth that historically there were two Jerusalems – an Arab ‘East Jerusalem’ and a Jewish ‘West Jerusalem.’

Jerusalem was never an Arab city; Jews have held a majority in Jerusalem since 1870, and ‘east-west’ is a geographical, not political designation. It is no different than claiming Annapolis, the capital of Maryland should be a separate political entity from the rest of that state.

Jerusalem has served, and still serves, as the political capital of only one nation – the one belonging to the Jews.

To view the press conference or read the entire text please click HERE.

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