US soldier Ryan Anderson guilty of passing information to Al-Qaeda

Folks, if Johnathan Pollard received a life sentence for aiding an ally, Ryan Anderson should get a life sentence for aiding THE enemy:

A military court-martial convicted a US National Guard soldier who converted to Islam of trying to aid al-Qaeda. Specialist Ryan Anderson, 26, “was found guilty on all charges,” said Joe Hitt, spokesman for the Fort Lewis Army base south of Seattle, Washington.

“Right now they are in the process of sentencing him.”Anderson, assigned to the Guard’s 81st Armored Brigade in the northwestern state, faces a possible life sentence in a military prison on five charges of seeking to collaborate with Al-Qaeda by sending the group information on US army tactics and strategies.

Anderson was arrested in February at his apartment in Lynnwood, Washington, just before his unit was to deploy to Iraq, after an undercover sting operation intercepted communications on January 23 and February 10.Anderson, who joined the National Guard in May 2002, was reported to have attempted to make contact with Al-Qaeda through Internet chat rooms.


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