US Jewish groups refuse aid to their Jewish brother evacuees

Mainstream American Jewish organizations largely have refused to aid the thousands of Jews evacuated last summer from the Gaza Strip, the majority of whom, 15 months later, are unemployed, and none of whom received permanent housing promised by the Israeli government, WND has learned.

The former Gaza residents have appealed for help multiple times to major American Jewish organizations but say they were mostly rejected.

Meanwhile the US Jewish groups, most of which supported Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza, raised over USD 300 million for northern Israeli communities battered by Hizbullah rocket fire in July and August, including large sums of money for Arab villages.

Also the American Jewish organizations recently initiated a major task force to raise money for underprivileged Israeli Arabs.

Folks, support the residents of Gush Katif
In Israel:
The Gush Katif Committee
P.O Box 450, Ahuzat Etrog, 79411
In the U.S:
Friends of Gush Katif
P.O Box 1184, Teaneck, NJ 07666
Toll Free 1800-410-1502

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