U.S. Forces Find Major Iraqi Weapons Cache

FOXNews.com – – U.S. Forces Find Major Weapons Cache

U.S. forces acted on a tip about an Iraqi weapons supply Thursday and ended up discovering a much larger find — a hidden cache of buried surface-to-air missiles and mines, including at least 317 4-foot rockets and 220 anti-tank mines.

They confiscated some of the weapons and destroyed the rest.

But when they blew up the initial find, they discovered the larger supply hidden about 5 to 10 feet underground in tunnels and holes. The weapons were all kept next to a mosque.

The Smooth Stone team believes that other hidden caches of weapons and evidence of bio-terror are also inside mosques which is a perfect hiding place, considering “infidels” are forbidden to enter mosques at any time, including U.N. inspectors.

That’s convenient, now, isn’t it.

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