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U.S. Captures Al Qaeda, Shiite Militia Leader in Iraqi Raids

The U.S. military captured two Al Qaeda bombing suspects in Iraq and a Shiite militia leader in separate raids Tuesday north and south of Baghdad, the military said. One of the men, arrested along with four aides, is believed to oversee security for Al Qaeda’s Iraq branch in Mosul — one of the terror network’s last urban strongholds where U.S. and Iraqi forces have waged fierce battles against militants in recent months.
The man is also suspected of masterminding bombings targeting Iraqi police in the area, according to a U.S. military statement. The other Al Qaeda in Iraq suspect was captured along with an assistant in Tikrit, a Sunni Muslim city north of the capital. He allegedly facilitated suicide bombings and “foreign terrorist movement” for Al Qaeda, the statement said. The military said it also captured a suspected Shiite militia leader Tuesday south of Baghdad.

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