An Urgent Message to those who oppose the ethnic cleansing of Gaza

From Prof. Paul Eidelberg

1. Know that Sharon’s plan to uproot 8,000 Jews from their homes in Gaza is but the prelude to the eventual uprooting 230,000 Jews from Judea and Samaria in preparation for the establishment of a Palestinian state that will include eastern Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

2. Therefore, you are not just resisting what Israel’s dictator calls “disengagement.” You are resisting a plan that will lead to Israel’s ultimate demise.

3. Your object is not merely to resist but to defeat this nefarious plan and thereby put an end to a government whose dictator betrayed the hundreds of thousands of Likud voters who opposed this plan in the January 2003 elections.

4. Your ultimate but not necessarily declared objective is to prepare the grounds for a New Israel.

5. But now a practical warning. While you focus efforts on defeating disengagement from Gaza, and while you speak of “civil disobedience,” know that it is counterproductive to say you will not resort to violence—which does not mean that I advocate armed resistance. I only recommend silence on this issue.

6. The government will employ force to overcome any resistance to disengagement. Hence you must develop tactics to blunt such force.

7. While you must of course employ moral suasion to convince soldiers and policemen that it is both illegal and immoral to uproot Jewish men, women, and children from their homes in Gaza, you must also have, like Yaakov avinu when he went to meet Esav, a multifaceted strategy to defeat disengagement. For this, organize with the help of military personnel. But do it NOW.

8. Mobilize all Zionist organization in the United States to vehemently oppose disengagement. Thousands of Jews and Christians should come to Israel and demonstrate day after day against disengagement. Noted lawyers, generals and rabbis should give interviews emphasizing the illegality, the danger, and the immorality of the disengagement plan.

9. Yes, this is interfering in Israel’s domestic affairs—except that Israel’s survival is everyone’s affair!

10. There must be constant and multifaceted pressure against the uprooting of Jews from Gaza.

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