Updates + Metulla to be evacuated – Scores of soldiers wounded

Received by email:

“Something is going on that our intelligence services have ordered for the first time since 1920 that Metulla be evacuated. In a large battle between Binge-bail and Majoun el Ras, Scores of soldiers were injured by grenades and rifles. Face to face combat with homicide terrorist willing to kill and be killed. Shahidim , I am sure are spread all over the place but our casualties must be a lot. This evening we will know more. Please pray.”

“Benat ‘Jabal’ area in S. Lebanon…ongoing fighting with Hizbollah and IDF land troops2 dead IDF , 7injured IDF,”

“The IDF has advanced into Binge-bail which is one of the Hizballah capitols in the south. We still have to clean out the Baaka Valley, Sidon and Zur and the Katyusha threat will be more or less over with for short range rockets.Shabbos had the Neshama Yetayra day (double portion of soul) so we got 200 rockets. Sunday only 90. But the only 90 claimed two lives: Habib Awad, 48, from Iblin and Shimon Glick, 60, from Haifa were killed in Haifa Sunday by a wave of Hizballah rockets from Lebanon Sunday. The Israeli Arab family who lost a son, brother, father, etc. said that all the politicians on both sides can’t replace him. That is what indiscriminate shelling by terrorist does.Olmert’s and Peretz’s mistake: To possibly allow NATO troops to do our job in cleaning up Lebanon. Once NATO is on our door step we can prepare soon for the war of Gog and Magog.The total number of missiles fired has been 2,200. We have taken out quite a few more launchers. In southern Lebanon, Hizballah lost approximately 100 fighters between the direct battle and air strikes. They are now hiding about 2 to 3 km from us to be out of range. Pockets of terrorists may be left behind and the mopping up operation is continuing.Also yesterday: A UN observer was seriously wounded by Hizballah fire in South Lebanon. He was brought to Tzafat hospital. In its first ever military bulletin, Hizballah confirmed Sunday, July 23, that Israeli forces had occupied the village of Majoun el Ras and admitted to three killed. Israeli fire hits a fleeing Lebanese minibus in the south.”

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