Updates + IDF soldiers wounded, IDF drops leaflets to warn Gaza residents

Three soldiers were wounded over night by Hizballah in the same Maroun er Ras area and two this evening lightly as anti-aircraft fire came down on their tank. Mortars were fired into Avivim (moshav just above Tzfat) and about 38 Katyushas up to 6 PM. Yesterday the total was 116 but don’t believe that they are out of commission. They are now using them more as weapons which was the original intent of the rocket but
Tiberias, Rosh Pina, Nahariya, Kiriat Shemona was attacked.

Not much news on what is going on in Mukata in Schem. The 4 Regiments have been already called up and no mention of bringing in more. The government is not looking for a tank and infantry assault deep into Lebanon but it might be one of no choice.

A Kassam hit Sederot today and the Givati and tank soldiers took care of about 8 terrorists in Gaza and down south a few tunnels were found and exploded.

Lebanon at the present time is a no win situation because as soon as we leave, New and longer range missiles will be sent there and Hizballah will try to continue killing us down to the last Shiite. So somewhere along the line in the government doesn’t disarm them and take sovereignty of their own country, We will probably get our soldiers back and beat them down for a while but they are like the mythical Hydra and grow another head.
Please note nobody has heard from Nazrallah in days.


July 20th 2006

IDF drops leaflets to ensure the safety of palestinian civilian population in the Gaza Strip

As part of the IDF’s operation to stop the Qassam rocket barrages against Israel, the IDF dropped leaflets addressing the Palestinian civilian population in the Gaza Strip. The leaflets are intended to warn the population not to stay in structures that are used for storing weaponry, before they are targeted by the IDF.

The IDF have yet to target these structures, since they are in civilian homes and are near densely populated areas. However, since the terrorist organizations are continuing to cynically use civilian population as human shields, using there homes to store weaponry and launching rockets at Israeli towns from populated areas, the IDF will attack these locations used by terrorists from now on.

The IDF is operating with great caution in order to prevent any harm to uninvolved civilians. The operation is aimed at terror organizations, headed by Hamas, cells who launch rockets at Israel and terror infrastructure.

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