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Israeli commandoes landed by helicopter Tuesday night kill a number of Hizballah operatives, take prisoners, in operation near east Lebanese stronghold of Baalbek and return safely to base. DEBKAfile reports the Israeli force fought its way into the Dar al Hikmeh hospital which Hizballah’s Beqaa commander Muhammad Yazbek had converted into his staff headquarters. This was the deepest Israeli incursion in Lebanon so far, 150km from the border.

Overnight, Lebanese witnesses reported an unprecedented number of Israeli warplanes over the Beqaa valley Tuesday night and aerial strikes against five Hizballah positions near Baalbek. From the Mediterranean, Israel naval artillery pounded Hizballah rocket sites
on the Lebanese shore.

Hizballah denies losing 240 men in the three-week Lebanon war. Its Al Manar television station claims the prisoners taken in the Israeli commando operation and the Lebanese killed in Israeli air attacks around Baalbek were innocent civilians. This is a routine claim in its propaganda war.
Tuesday, Israeli Arabic broadcasts began reading out the names of Hizballah casualties. Israel Radio reported a number of bodies either taken or counted there and 5 Hizballah brass captured.

There were quite a few wounded yesterday. The dead soldiers are Lt. Ilan Gabai, 1st Sargent Michael Levine from Yerushalayim and 1st Sargent Yehonatan Einhorn of Moshav Gamzu. Lt. Ilan Gabai’s best friend Yitzchak Schreier was killed last week. The 3 Israeli soldiers were killed Tuesday morning, when a Hizballah unit barricaded in the village school opened up with missiles, RPGs and rockets, covered by snipers. 25 were injured in the battle for Ata a-Chaab.

A map of the area where rockets were fired from and where they hit today, go here.

Heavy barrage on North: 6 wounded * 2 more wounded today in Ata a-Chaab.

Hizbullah fires over 70 (80 now) rockets at northern Israeli communities. Rockets hit from Akko to Nahariya in west, throughout Tiberias to Kiryat Shmona in east. Three wounded in Safed, two in Akko and one in Kiryat Shmona; 2 of wounded suffer moderate injuries. Homes hit in Tiberias, Rosh Pina; Sirens sound in Haifa

After two days of relative quiet, in which only a handful of mortars hit the north, Hizbullah renewed heavy rocket attacks Wednesday, with over 70 rockets hitting communities in northern Israel.

In Safed two people were moderately wounded and a third person was lightly wounded. The wounded were transferred to Ziv Hospital. Two more people were lightly wounded by shrapnel in Akko, and another person was wounded in Kiryat Shmona. Property damages were incurred in Tiberias, Rosh Pina, Akko and Kiryat Shmona.

Sirens were heard in Haifa, but no rocket hits were reported yet.

Three rockets landed in Tiberias in open areas, causing three people to suffer shock and igniting a number of blazes. Five rockets hit the city of Akko, one of them damaging a house, but resulting in no injuries.

Heavy barrage on North: 6 wounded

Sirens were heard in Haifa, but no rocket hits were reported yet.

The heaviest barrage began shortly before 10:00 a.m., when rockets landed in open areas in Carmiel and Hatzor. No casualties were reported. Moments later, three rockets his Safed and a fourth hit a home in Rosh Pina and caused damages.

Three rockets landed in Tiberias in open areas, causing three people to suffer shock and igniting a number of blazes. Five rockets hit the city of Akko, one of them damaging a house, but resulting in no injuries.

Eight rockets hit the Kiryat Shmona area, causing damage to industrial buildings and a number of houses. In Nahariya three rockets landed within the city limits, one of them directly hitting a home and causing a fire. No one was wounded. Simultaneously, five rockets struck open areas in the Rosh Pina area and five more hit Maalot. No casualties were reported.

The first salvo was fired at 6:00 a.m., hitting two communities in the Galilee panhandle. The rockets landed in open areas and caused no injuries or damage.

One of the rockets landed on a row of parked cars in a Kiryat Shmona neighborhood. The building opposite was damaged by shrapnel, and many of its windows shattered.

The IDF destroyed some 1,000 buildings which served Hizbullah as headquarters, communications centers and war rooms. Likewise, the IDF killed over 250 Hizbullah operatives, including regional commanders, Peres said.

Although the day was relatively calm, Tuesday night four Katyusha rockets landed in two communities near the town of Shlomi, one hitting near a local kindergarten, causing damage.

At the same time, mortar shells were fired at other communities in the western sector of the northern border, apparently aimed against IDF forces amidst preparations for the ground incursion into Lebanon.

Army officials estimated Tuesday noon that the rocket attacks will be renewed on Wednesday, and residents of the border area communities have accordingly been advised to remain in shelters and protected areas during the day. Residents of Haifa and the Krayot area are asked to stay in proximity to protected areas.

Throughout the night and early morning hours, artillery blasts were heard across the northern region, as the IDF resumed its aerial activity over Lebanon, in addition to the ground and artillery strikes. On the morning of the 22nd day of the fighting, most of the businesses in the north remain closed and residents await another tense day of clashes and attacks.
Qassam in Ashkelon: 1 person injured

Worker sustains light to moderate wounds from shrapnel, after rocket lands in Ashkelon industrial zone

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