Updates 3 more dead soldiers, 1 civilian, 2 gravely injured out of 52

Received by email:
Yesterday 3 armoured soldiers and one infantry were killed. Last night, two more died and two were wounded. I am sure that is not all and I may find more as I search the net.

In Kfar Mrar a cousin of Asam Asam was killed as she stood close to a window and shrapnel penetrated the building. Another women was gravely injured. In Shaar Yeshuv, a woman also was gravely injured a few minutes ago. Yesterday about 160 rockets fell and today I believe already over 100.

Last night the IDF blew up bridges in the north of Lebanon cutting off the final ability of Syria to resupply the Hizballah with rockets and munitions. Also the roads to Syria. Other bridges from the north leading to Beirut were knocked out. The Iranian guards are in control most likely of the Zilzel missiles and have not fired them yet. Israel has threatened if Tel Aviv is hit, Lebanon will not have an interstructure left. More Hizballah strongholds in Beirut were bombed too.

One of the Republicans suggested that the UN make Iran and Syria pay for the reconstruction of Lebanon as it is their fault. The army is still pressing to push forward and it is a race against time and against Olmert too.

It turns out that many of the dead from the collapsed building in Kfar Kana were killed in their sleep and not from a building collapse. Also the girl being brought to the Ambulance was filmed at 7 AM over 40 to 50 minutes before the collapse in the ambulance and again and again carried out of the building. Something very fishy going on with the numbers, time and death of the people and collapse of the building.

Also see: http://www.aish.com/movies/JP/Lebanon.asp

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