UPDATED CAMERA ALERT: NPR Blames Mother and Daughters for their own Murders

Folks, you can’t get lower than NPR. Oh wait, yes you can: CAIR.

Anyway, read this horror story and try not to throw up:

In perhaps the most distorted coverage of the brutal murder of a pregnant Israeli mother and her four young daughters, NPR’s Julie McCarthy blamed the victims for their own slaughter.

Julie McCarthy’s egregious statement on “Morning Edition” today came at the end of a report about Ariel Sharon’s referendum loss on his “disengagement” plan. McCarthy reported:

The settlers rallied support saying Israel was withdrawing under fire. But there was ample evidence yesterday to show that their continued presence in Gaza is provoking bloodshed. Israeli troops shot dead two Palestinian gunmen after the men ambushed mother and her four small daughters outside the Gaza settlement of Gush Katif. The family was shot and killed on their way to the Israeli city of Ashkelon where they intended to campaign against Ariel Sharon and his plan to uproot them from Gaza. Julie McCarthy, NPR news, Jerusalem.

Update: NPR’s Follow Up

In response to a deluge of complaints received about Julie McCarthy’s May 3 report on the killing of the Hatuel family, NPR distributed the following statement and posted it on their Web site:

In a story that aired Monday, May 3, on the political setback to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s plan to disengage from Gaza, correspondent Julie McCarthy reported on the killing of an Israeli mother and her four daughters outside a Gaza settlement by Palestinian gunmen who were later shot dead by Israeli troops. However, in the report McCarthy said “… there was ample evidence yesterday to show that their [the settlers’] continued presence in Gaza is provoking bloodshed.” The purpose of the report was to take note of the continuing violence. The story in no way meant to suggest that the killings were justified. NPR regrets that the report made any such implication.

Damage control by NPR. But the bullet has already torn us to pieces.

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