Update: WMATA’s response to their collusion with Jew haters and Arabists associated with the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

Folks, here is the politcally correct (in other words, detestable) response I received from the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) to my letter protesting their collusion with the Jew hating members of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation’s ad campaign which is set to infect, infest and ignite the Washington D.C. subway ridership with hatred for Israel, starting May 13, 2007:

Thank you for your recent email to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). WMATA is a public agency, and the courts have found its advertising space to be a designated public forum. Therefore, WMATA must be guided by First Amendment law with respect to the acceptance of commercial advertising. The display of the ad is consistent with WMATA¿s policy of remaining content neutral when accepting advertising. Although the Authority understands that feelings and perceptions will vary among individuals within the community, we cannot reject advertising because an individual, or group, finds it inappropriate or offensive. WMATA makes no implied or declared endorsement of any product, service, event or ideology. We simply provide the medium for an advertiser to use once the ad complies with our guidelines and the First Amendment.As an individual, you may want to direct your objections regarding this type of advertising to the advertiser. They are in the best position to explain their point of view and possibly respond to the negative public reaction.We trust that this will assist you in understanding WMATA¿s position on the subject.

Sincerely, Office of Customer Relations
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Here is my reply I sent in return:

Thank you for your reply but the First Amendment does not force the WMATA to run this mendacious and false advertisement whose singular purpose is to villify Israel. The WMATA is colluding in blatant political propaganda in a public venue supported in large part, like most such entities, by taxpayers’ dollars. Would there be no justifiable outrage against such an ad for NAMBLA or some porn website? According to your statement, the WMATA would have no problem posting ads for NAMBLA or Hustler Magazine or any pornographic business because those businesses are also protected by Freedom of Speech, so I don’t buy your policy one bit. Believe me, ads have been successfully pulled from New York’s MTA system for far lesser offenses, for example, in 1993, the Catholic League protested a VH-1 ad on buses that contrasted Mary, the Mother of Jesus, with the pop star, Madonna and in 1995, the MTA allowed the placement of Calvin Klein “kiddie porn” jean ads. Both ads were pulled after the league mounted a public protest.

If the WMATA truly believed in Freedom of Speech, the WMATA would post the Hamas Charter and how it calls for the destruction of Israel. But no one at the WMATA would have the courage to do that.

Too bad the WMATA has become a taxpayer’s vehicle to promote Jewicide. The WMATA has brought the conflict in the Middle East to a new low.

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