UPDATE: one teen murdered, one teen in a coma from tonight’s Kassam in Sderot

Received by email:
Subject: destruction process has begun
60 kassams since ‘ceased’ fire in Sderot and Ashkelon (not west bank)1 dead teenager tonight from kassam in Sderot
1 teenager in coma from kassam tonight
release of terrorists pending by Olmert
no exchange of 3 Israeli prisoners of war
$100 million released by Olmert for PLO terrorists last week
28 checkpoints removed by Olmert of terrorist avenues to enter Israel
IDF not allowed to respond to any kassam rockets, regardless of death to Jews or injuries or property damage in ISRAEL
kassams now falling near strategic sites in Ashkelon (not emailing what)Gaza Philadelphia ‘route’ unguarded by Egyptians…100 tons of ammunition smuggled in since Jews transferred from Gush Katif August 05

Suicide is against Jewish halacha

Olmert and government are being accused as working full time for the destruction of Israel

Stand by…

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