Update on the developments in Somalia

Ralph Peters hails developments in Somalia, under the headline “Terrorizing Terrorists”:

The devastation left behind by our gunships is only part of a very big U.S. win: * Thanks to resolute military action by Ethiopia’s government (quietly backed by Washington), the terror regime in Mogadishu crumbled overnight – collapsing the lie that extremist Islam is on the march to an inevitable victory.* The speed of the Ethiopian advance cornered hundreds of hardcore Islamist fighters in a forlorn backwater, where they can be killed out of sight of their media defenders. And be killed they will.* Islamist outrages and subversion inspired unprecedented cooperation between moderate Somalis, Ethiopians, Kenyans and Americans.

Peters views what’s happening today in Somalia as payback:

Our special-ops forces are getting their revenge: After Army Rangers and Delta Force troops won a hands-down victory in the streets of Mogadishu back in 1993, President Bill Clinton sold them out (as the Pelosi-Reid Democrats threaten to do to our soldiers in Iraq on a greater scale). Now they’re killing al Qaeda fanatics and their local allies with the full support of a new Somali government.

Hat tip: Power Line Blog

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