Update: Names of the dead and 3 more soldiers injured today

11:30 AM Israel time

Rocket hits house near Shlomi

Hizbullah renews rocket attacks on Israel; house in Shlomi area along border sustains direct hit Ahiya Raved

Rocket fire renewed: Hizbullah fired a barrage of rockets at the Western Galilee in Israel on Monday morning. A house in Shlomi sustained a direct hit. A man was lightly injured.


On Sunday, three people were killed in a rocket attack on Haifa: Labiba Mazawi, 67 from Haifa, Hana Hamam, 62 from Haifa and Ronny Robinsky, 30 from Kiryat Motzkin.

Names of 10 killed reservists released

The names of 10 of the 12 reserve soldiers that were killed Sunday by a Katyusha attack were cleared for publication.

They are: Marian Berkovitch, 31, from Ashdod; Yossi Karkash, 41*, from Afula; Danny Ben-David, 38, from the community of Ahituv; Yehuda Grinfeld, 27, from Maaleh Michmash; Shlomo Bucharis, 36, from the community of Sdeh Yitzhah; Ziv Balali, 28, from Kfar Saba; Roee
Yaish, 27, from Herzliya; Shai Machlovitch, 21, from Netanya; Shmuel Halfon, 41, from Bat Yam, and Eliyahu Elkriaf, 34, from Granot. (Ynet)The 11th was Gregory Aaronoff, 34, from Ohr Akiva. Quite a few were 5, 6 stripe sargents and one* was a full 7 stripe staff sargent.

Today 3 soldiers were injured and 10 more Shahidim in a kfar close to us. Last night Golani 51 found a mortar aimed at Israel in the bushes and 60 mortar shells. Now Golani has more weapons to use against the Bastards or for us to sell to Africa. 7 rocket launchers
were taken out after the Haifa attack. Some were in Kaf el Kana. This time they could not bring the bodies from the Beirut Morgue down to make a film. (See Inyanay Diyoma this Shabbos) Last night N.E. Lebanon was hit as that is a Hizballah strong hold. Also more of the large buildings in Beirut and Zur (Tyre).

Latest update:

Rockets fall in upper Galilee; one moderately to lightly wounded in Safed area

Rockets fell in different locations in the upper Galilee. A house in the Safed area sustained a direct hit from one of the rockets. One person is moderately to lightly injured. Magen David Adom teams are evacuating him to the hospital.

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