Update – Longer range rockets – Israel captures much intelligence material

Received by email regarding events last nite, and edited:

Today the Hizballah shot off 9 longer range missiles south of Afula. One was supposedly aimed at Beit Shean but it fell very close to Jenin and the area where a unit of my company is usually based in time of war.

So far the reserve call up as of tonight has reached over 110,000 soldiers and perhaps many more. The reserves went into Lebanon to do the mopping up operations behind the advancing regular army. Hisballah is falling back to lines across the Litani with many suicide squads still in position to do us damage and hold back a bit the advance. Kfar Tula has been bombarded for the last 6 days. It is near the border and sofar nobody has gone in there.

The raid last night involved helicopter deliver of the soldiers close to 100 miles in Lebanon. They went on the ground to the ‘hospital’ built by Iran. They confiscated all the computers, discs, paper files, maps and other intelligence information and the IDF intelligence corp is working on the Arabic and computers right now.

The commando raid was filmed from the ground and from the air. Also the destruction of vehicles sent to aid in the defense of the ‘hospital’. Five prisoners were taken and more than 10 dead in the area plus those in the vehicles.

We then watched on TV a film of the destruction of the missile launchers that which hit south of Afula. We saw the trucks drive wildly into a garage with reinforced concrete only to get bombed inside their hide out just in case there were more trucks going there. We assume that most of the planes in the air were used for this. This will take care of their storage houses too.

We don’t take our time translating like the USA in Iraq. We have plenty of Arabic speaking Jews and who can read Arabic. Although the information is vast, it can be printed out and sent from computer to computer.

Also the number of 120 injured included people treated for shock. The real numbers are 4 serious, 3 moderate and a few lightly injured.

Three soldiers injured, one seriously in Eastern Sector of South Lebanon Wednesday. Two at Ayta a-Chaab where 3 Israeli troops died Tuesday.

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