Update: The Iraqi Truth Project

Back in 2004, I wrote about a new movie supporting the U.S. invasion of Iraq making the case that a weapon of mass destruction was indeed found during the war – and he’s sitting in prison awaiting trial on war crimes charges.

The documentary film, ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction — The Murderous Reign of Saddam Hussein” exposes the atrocities committed by the former Iraq dictator through first hand accounts and demonstrates the necessity of removing him from power. From The Iraqi Truth Project:

WMD begins with an ambush interview of Michael Moore by Evan Coyne Maloney in which Michael Moore admits that Farenheit 9/11 is not a documentary. Michael Moore says Farenheit 9/11 ” is like an Op Ed for the newspaper.” (www.brainterminal.com)

The source footage in WMD will be used as evidence of war crimes committed by Saddam’s regime in the trial of Ali Hasan al-Majid, AKA “Chemical Ali’, and Saddam Hussein for the massacre of the Iraqi people. Some of the witnesses shown in WMD have already been murdered for their testimony. Our prayers are with these brave people.

What is the truth? What were conditions like under Saddam Hussein? Why did the entire military and civilian infrastructure collapse after the invasion? What were Saddam’s military goals? What was life like in pre-war Iraq and why did America attack Iraq? Did Saddam really have Weapons of Mass Destruction, or, as the critics say, was President Bush manipulating the intelligence to make us think so? Are the Iraqi’s really capable of self-government? Do they want to govern themselves? Why are the lives of Iraqis worth American Blood and Treasure? These are the questions Weapon of Mass Destruction asks.

This Documentary will allow you to judge for yourself whether Iraqi’s are capable of governing themselves and find out how the victims of Saddam Hussein feel about the American Liberation effort.
Historian Victor Davis Hanson explains in detail the Bush Doctrine and the Socio/Economic factors that can result from a policy of promoting Democracy in the Middle East. (www.victorhanson.com) This Documentary was first completed in November of 2004 and has been updated as of the October 2005 Referendum on the new constitution.

The film is coming to theaters soon. You can click here to view the Movie Trailer.

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