Update from Israel – soldiers: 2 dead, 11 wounded, civilians: 7 dead 47 wound

Received by email:
6 PM Israel time

A tank was hit by enemy fire in the Jenin in Lebanon causing the death of two soldiers and 2 wounded in addition to 6 lightly wounded earlier in the day the total seems to be 11. Within a half an hour 132 Katyushas fell in the north the last round killed 3 near Maalot in a field and 3 in Acco and as I was looking up the net a 7th death was reported this seems to be a couple in a car that caught fire and were burnt badly. There appears to be a lot of injured and the count was not revealed at the time of this writing. What I got from various sources were 8 serious out of 47 wounded.

Hisballah claims that they are winning the war and start to dictate terms for cease fire. However, we just cut off their last three supply routes from Northern Lebanon and Syria and that will take a bit of the wind out of their sails soon. In the meantime the kfarim that we went into this time may not be completely leveled like the Russians did in WWII but not far from it. There are now over 10,000 soldiers in Lebanon. Hizballah fighters are mostly fighting to be martyrs but we are being to see signs of logic as they run out of supplies and ammo. Already we have 5 to 10 captured…

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