Universal Islamic “Blasphemy” Law

From Dr. Steve Carol, Historian – Middle East Radio Forum:

The newly independent state of Kosovo, created by US and NATO force of arms, and promptly recognized by the US, will no doubt be admitted to the OIC shortly, bring the total of independent Muslim nations to 58. (Never hurts to have another vote in international forums). The door has now been opened for similar breakway regions – especially Muslim ones, to “declare independence” – think a “Republic of Galilee,” “Republic of the Negev,” “Moro Republic in the southern Philippines,” “southern Thailand,” Azad Kashmir, Chechnya (already proclaimed its independence” – and the list can go on with numerous examples in Africa. At this rate, in a number of years, Muslim states will overwhelmingly (two thirds majority) dominate the United Nations – now 192 members. Then all those who believe that the “wishes of the international community” should be respected and followed will be in for a rude awakening.

Click here for compelling evidence on the unfurling danger of Universal Islamic ‘Blasphemy’ Law.

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