The United Arab Emirates would rather see its people die than be saved by Jews

Medical equipment manufactured in Israel worth over $50 million was returned recently by a Dubai hospital in the United Arab Emirates because it carried Made in Israel labels. By the way, folks, let’s not forget how the United Arab Emirates was involved in conflicts against other Arabs in Qatar over Haluyl, Al Ashaat, Sharauu, Daiina, Yassat-Khur al-Adid and with Oman over Baraimi, Wadi Madha, and Wadi Al-Qawr Dhahira, or, how the United Arab Emirates are involved in the trafficking of boys between the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf States, according to the Anti-Slavery International report published in 2002.Oh, and the United Arab Emirates is ‘one of only three countries that recognises the Taleban regime’. The other two are Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. With ‘friends’ like that…

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