Unimaginable audacity: Iran asks Israel to help identify its victims in Thai plane crash

But tomorrow, Iran will track down Jews and murder them. Via CNS:

An Iranian diplomat has asked Israeli experts for help in identifying Iranian victims of Sunday’s Thai plane crash in which 89 of 123 people on board were killed, state-run Israel radio reported on Tuesday. Thai police said they had identified 23 of the 57 foreigners killed in Sunday’s crash but could not confirm the nationalities among the dead. Staff from the Iranian Embassy in Phuket said that 18 Iranians were killed and six survived the crash. Ten Israelis were on board, two of whom survived and eight of whom are presumed dead, including two couples on their honeymoon. Thailand is a popular vacation spot for Israelis. With decades of terror attack and war experience, Israel has become expert in identifying the dead. Israel dispatched a forensic team to Phuket to help identify the Israeli nationals. The Iranian Consul in Bangkok asked the Israeli forensic team to help identify their victims, the radio reported. The Israeli team responded positively. The exchange took place just one day after Iran threatened to launch 600 missiles at Israel if Syria or Iran are attacked. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has also threatened to wipe Israel off the map, but the Iranian official in Bangkok said the identification of the victims was a humanitarian and not a political issue.

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