“Under God’s Sovereignty” Is Not a Solution

Via DailyAlert, from “Under God’s Sovereignty” Is Not a Solution:

The ideas resurfacing before the peace meeting in November include the proposal to remove the “sacred basin” in Jerusalem from any sovereign authority, Israeli or Palestinian, and to leave supervision with representatives of the three monotheistic religions. Sovereignty will be “in God’s hands.” However, this suggestion is far from providing an answer to the problem. The international system – at least since the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 – has been built on the principle of territorial sovereignty. It is not by chance that no territorial or international conflict has ever been solved by giving sovereignty to supra-national entities. Everywhere such an experiment has been tried, it has failed. Any solution must offer an unambiguous answer to practical questions, such as who will disperse Muslims who try to stone Jews praying at the Western Wall.

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