Video: The Islamic Mein Kampf

For those of you who don’t believe that a pan-Arabic Islamic war against the West is real, and for those of you who already do, then watch this ten-minute audiovisual primer on the Iranian and Palestinian Holocaust threat, The Islamic Mein Kampf, sponsored by The Terrorism Awareness Project.

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  1. Everyone knows that there’s only one way to stop that Iranian psichopatic rat. It’s the same way used against the first Hitler. Americans are preparing for the new World War against the new Nazi Axis. And Israelis are ready.

    By the way, the French, too. President Jacques Chirac already notified in interview in the last Thursday that France “NEVER will accept” an Iran with atomic weapons; and before of the first Iranian missile travel through the skies, “Teheran will be DEVASTATED.”

    But the (desperate) objective of the Petition is get a peaceful solution for avoid a war – the first nuclear war in the History, that maybe will be the last one. Why? Because, in order to destroy the subterranean nuclear installations, isolated by tick walls of metal, the only possible way is an atomic bombardment. By the way, several.

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:

    “Iran is a superpower. (..) The acomplishment of a new world without the infidels is possible and already is visible. (..) After Israel and America, goes Europe, with the end of all of the westerners, all of the infidels in the world (..) “

    In a few words… EXTERMINATE “a minority” of 80% of the Humanity. Of course that everything that is a delirium of psychopaths. But when they got mass destruction power, the worst nightmares become real. Any doubt, study the History of the Twentieth century and see the real results of the Communist and Nazi dreams.

  2. Ernesto, good to see you back here. Thanks for the post!

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