Unanswered query to the Israel Minister of Justice

To: Justice Minister Tzippi Livni
From: David Bedein
Bureau Chief
Israel Resource News Agency

According to the study, http://jcpa.org/jlmbldg.htm, published by the JCPA, the center directed by Ariel Sharon’s Advisor, Dr. Dore Gold, in a study that was issued in cooperation with Ehud Olmert, there are more than 6000 illegal homes built by Arabs in Jerusalem.

According to a briefing that was held yesterday at the office of the Prime Minister of Israel, a special unit was set up just before the PM’s stroke to enforce the law in this regard.

Why, then, do you not demand that the law enforcement system enforce the law concerning these 6000 Arab homes?

Why do you exclusively invest the energy of the law enforcement system to destroy 18 Jewish homes?

We all await your reply, Tzippi…

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