UN to Israel: Shaba Farms Is Lebanese Territory

From UN to Israel: Shaba Farms Is Lebanese Territory:

The UN has told Israel that its mapping experts have determined that the Shaba Farms on Mount Dov, now controlled by Israel, is Lebanese territory. The UN has proposed that Israel withdraw from the area and that it be considered international territory to be controlled by UNIFIL. Prime Minister Olmert opposes the idea. When the UN marked the border between Israel and Lebanon after Israel’s withdrawal in May 2000, the Shaba Farms were said to be part of Syrian territory, and that Israel did not need to withdraw from it in the absence of an agreement with the Syrians. Government officials in Jerusalem said the UN cartographer handling the matter in recent months has determined that the area is indeed Lebanese. The officials added that Syria and Lebanon also agree that the area is Lebanese. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon apparently transmitted the UN’s conclusions in a meeting with Olmert in New York last month.

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