UN solidifies creation of ‘Israel-bashing’ council

More evidence why the UN is a nothing more than a Muslim cesspool:

A United Nations General Assembly committee on Friday furthered the transformation of the UN Human Rights Council from anything resembling a body concerned with global human rights to one that focuses solely on condemning the Jewish state.

By a vote of 167 to 7, UN Watch reported that the committee approved a package altering the procedural mechanisms of the Human Rights Council in the following ways:

The Council will no longer retain or hear from country monitors or experts reporting specifically on rights abuses in Cuba or Belarus;

The remaining 10 country monitors, who report on abuses in countries such as Sudan and North Korea, are now in a “review process” pending the termination of their services;

New guidelines have been implemented that make it next to impossible to pass a resolution condemning any nation by name;

Israel is the exception to all the above rules, and is now under permanent indictment and will feature as a special agenda item any and every time the council meets.

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