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UN singles out Israel for human rights abuse

It all amounts to numbers, doesn’t it. The average person who has a need to hate cannot fathom the immense population of the Arab world. So whether it be the French, or the English, or the Russians, or any of the Jew-hating nations that comprise the UN, yikes, I could go on ad infinitum, the United Nations, like a big bully picking on a smaller boy, simply whores itself out, bound by Arab oil, to condemn Israel for defending themselves against Arab terrorism.Members of the UN’s human rights watchdog on Tuesday formally agreed to continue their scrutiny of Israel while halting investigations into Cuba and Belarus – a move that immediately drew fire from Canada and the United States. The decision was part of a package of reforms adopted by the members of the Human Rights Council to change how it conducts its future work, including how and when to launch investigations into some of the world’s worst rights offenders. The council, which was formed last year to replace the discredited UN Human Rights Commission, passed the compromise package despite objections from Canada over plans to continue singling out Israel for scrutiny by the global body. The European Union, which played a key role in the negotiations, said ahead of the meeting that it remained to be seen how the council can perform on the basis of the agreement.

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