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UN Secretary-General Orders Probe of Rocket Launching from Gaza School

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has asked for a full investigation of an incident in which Palestinian scum fired rockets at Israel from a UN-run school in Gaza

However, Ki-moon did not condemn the attempted murder of Jews. Israeli officials said the statement failed to mention potential victims on the other side of the border or to make a direct reference the November 2 incident. “Regrettably, the abuse of human shields by Palestinian terrorists and the violation of a U.N. installation for terrorist purposes have not yet been clearly condemned by the U.N.,” an Israeli envoy to the U.N. General Assembly committee overseeing Unrwa, Gershon Keidar, said.

UNRWA’s full name is United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East. Founded in 1948, it provides education, health, relief and social services to over 4.4 million refugees in the Palestinian territories, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria, according to its Web site.

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