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UN Rights Council Hears from Jewish Refugee

The plight of Jews who were evicted from their homes in Muslim majority nations have been ignored by the international community. From UN Rights Council Hears from Jewish Refugee:

A UN body with a history of passing anti-Israel resolutions heard about a different side of the Arab-Israeli conflict last week when a Jewish refugee described her family’s eviction from the home they had occupied in Libya for hundreds of years. Regina Bublil-Waldman told the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva that her family was expelled from Tripoli by the Libyan government after the 1967 Six-Day War. During that conflict, mobs turned out in the streets shouting “Slaughter the Jews.”

“I appear before you today not alone, but representing the nearly one million Jews resident in North Africa, the Middle East and the Gulf region at the turn of the century,” she said. “Today, less than 5,000 Jews remain. Their plight and flight from 10 Arab countries has been ignored by the international community.”

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