U.N. moves to log claims against Israel for barrier

Folks, have you heard the latest ruse by the Jew-hating United Nations?

Kofi Annan has created a register for the palestinians to log claims against Israel for the construction of a barrier which has successfully separated the Jewish state from palestinian barbarians and their waist-laden TNT belts.

A resolution in July demanding Israel demolish the structure also asked Annan to establish a register of damage for possible future claims and legal actions!

So the United Nations will set up an office so Israel, this one little spec on the face of the earth which consumes the UN, will allow liars, cheaters, thieves and murderers, to log false claims of who-knows-what, against the Jewish Nation of Israel.

How does one tolerate this? How does one tolerate politicians who clamor that we go thru the UN, that we work with the UN, the same cesspool terrorist-supporting Jew-hating bureaucracy? How can one accept this?!

Why is anyone willing to confer power to such an enemy as the United Nations?

Why is the UN not responding to Rwanda, the Congo, the Sudan? There is story after story of UN officials abusing little girls, of UN corruption, turning the other way in the face of genocide – all the blue helmets out there – our great marines, soldiers, airmen, guardsmen, they’re all supposed to report to the UN – what a corrupt enterprise.

Let us hope that the people know right from wrong.

Folks, the United Nation is no good. It is evil. And it’s time to turn the UN into condominions.

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