UK Jews: Replace BBC Mideast editor

From the Jerusalem Post:

A British Jewish community leader is demanding that BBC Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen be replaced following contentious remarks about Israel made in a BBC memo.

Andrew Balcombe, chairman of the Zionist Federation of Britain and Ireland, has written to the chair of the BBC Trust, Dr Chitra Bharucha, following a leaked e-mail Bowen sent last month that questions Bowen’s impartiality as he appears to put the onus of blame for the violence in the region on Israel. The Middle East editor blames the “fragmentation of Palestinian society” on the “death of hope” citing Israel as the reason for this.

There has never been a country in the history of this world more guilty of invading foreign lands, and colonizing them more than England. What historical, cultural, or ancestral ties does England have with the Falkland Islands or India or the countless other countries it is has invaded? And was Great Britain ever threatened with extinction and genocide by any of those countries like Israel has been by her Arab neighbors? No, never. Clearly, Jeremy Bowen faces Mecca while he writes for the BBC.

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