UK Appoints New Foreign Secretary

No wonder he was appointed. A Jew himself, he despises Israel as much as the next person. From UK Appoints New Foreign Secretary:

David Miliband, 41, who is Jewish, was selected as foreign secretary on Thursday by new British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. According to press reports at the time, Miliband was critical in a cabinet meeting last July of Blair’s refusal to denounce Israel for its actions during the Second Lebanon War. The BBC reported that Miliband’s appointment could presage a shift “in British foreign policy to one in which criticism of the United States and Israel is not off the agenda – as it was under Tony Blair.” On Thursday, former Prime Minister Blair said he will begin his new job as the Quartet’s Middle East envoy immediately and will likely come to the region next month. Government officials in Jerusalem said they were content with Blair’s mandate, which was essentially to engage in PA institution-building. The officials said they were satisfied that Blair’s job was not defined as a mediator because Israel preferred to deal directly with the Palestinians.