Two murderous covenants: the PLO Covenant and the Nazi Covenant

Received by email, with much gratitude, from reader Karl Huttenbauer:

This chart, a comparison between the Nazi and PLO Covenants, was published 25 years ago in the Canadian Jewish Herald – Oct.1980 (publisher Dan Nimrod z”l).

One year later saw publication of ‘On A field of Red’ – the Comintern and the coming of World War II’ (Putnams 1981) which revealed that (three years prior to the appearance of Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’) the American Military Attache in Germany, CaptainTruman Smith, secured a 1922 audience with Adolf Hitler in Munich. The outcome of that encounter is enshrined in an extraordinary report – breathtaking for its insight.

Hitler insisted that the 25 articles of the Nazi 1920 Covenant were the ‘dogma of our faith and the rock upon which the Party was built’. Captain Smith, disturbed by Hitler’s anti-semitism and the ominous language of Article 4 (see below -“None but those of German…No Jew…may be a member of the nation”) concluded that ‘Hitler intended to perform a radical surgical operation on the Jews and remove them totally from German lebensraum.

The British response to this murderous plan was its 1922 decision to bar Jews from the eastern part of the Mandated Territories, namely the expansive, uninhabited desert of the trans Jordan (in short declare it ‘Judenrein’). In the meantime the USA buried Colonel Smith’s intelligence: determined to stay aloof from the ‘petty affairs’ of EurAsia until the day it was to receive its twin wake-up ‘calls’ – Hirohito’s ‘Pearl Habor’ & ‘Hitler’s Declaration of War’.

America’s cavalier treatment of Colonel Smith’s real time intelligence led (inter alia) twenty years later to the Holocaust. Likewise, the unintelligent treatment by Beilin, Clinton, Peres and Co., (a dozen years or so after Dan Nimrod’s real time intelligence) saddled Israel with Arafat and Oslo.

Today (after Hamas’s election victory) Israel and the West is once more confronted by a genocidal covenant, the Hamas Covenant -
endorsed by the Mad Mahdi of Teheran.

The question is – will the Jews (for the third time) be beguiled to forgo real-time intelligence and once more succumb to commu-nazi psywar propaganda intended to wear down their resistance to Hitler’s Heirs?

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