Two more murders: Israelis killed in shooting attack near Hebron in the West Bank

Via Jpost:

Two Israelis were shot and killed in an attack in the West Bank on Friday, police said. Private Ahikam Amihai , 20 years old, and Sergeant David Rubin, 21 years old, were near Hebron Mountain, between Telem and Aduran, west of Hebron when they were shot, according to police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld. Rescue services attempted rescuing them on the scene but established their deaths shortly thereafter. Police were searching for others possibly wounded in the attack, but the assailants had not been located, Rosenfeld said. The group was apparently targeted from a traveling car. Rescue services arrived at the scene almost an hour after an Israeli woman called for help, apparently because she was hiding to avoid being targeted herself. The woman was lightly wounded and was suffering from shock. Concurrently, a palestinian Muslim was killed and another badly wounded. The reasons for the incident were unclear, but a clash between rival family-clans was considered. The event was apparently unconnected to the shooting attack of Jews.

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