Two more hypocrisies of the Bush Administration

Folks, it has to be said. Bush is a hypocrite. Why? Eugene Narrett says it best:

A central tenet, frequently enunciated by senior level Cabinet officials in the Bush Administration’s war for world wide “freedom” is that no territory changes resulting from conflict are to be allowed. Alas for the Administration’s credibility and good faith, its Saudi-backed demand that the “Gaza strip” be ethnically cleansed of Jews and given as a sovereign entity to the non-existent “Palestinian” people would ratify precisely such a change of territory resulting from a war of aggression.

Remember: the “Gaza strip” was created in mid-1948 by Egypt’s invasion of the renewed nation of Israel. The strip was the one piece of territory that Egypt was able to conquer and retain from the impoverished nation reeling from the holocaust and thirty years of betrayal by the British. The point here is that in pressing the Jews out of Gaza to give it to Egyptian proxies, the Arabs termed “Palestinians,” the Bush administraton is abrogating a supposed central pillar of its new world order, to wit, no transfers of territory resulting from wars of aggression.

The Gaza area, by the way, never has been part of Egypt (nor has the Sinai peninsula, either). It occasionally in ancient history was a sphere of Egyptian influence beyond the margins of imperial Egypt, and even that only for brief periods.

Secondly: de facto control of the Arabs of Gaza is in the hands of Hamas. Even the American State Department, infamous for its decades of apologia for Arab despotism and terrorism has been unable to avoid putting Hamas on its list of terrorist organizations with which the USA, supposedly, is engaged in a global war. Several weeks ago, when the Arabs squatting on historical Jewish land (at least 2500 years steady, and before the Philistines bothered Saul and David in his early years, conquered and settled by Joshua) exercized the franchise, they voted almost 67% for Hamas. So according to its own policies, the USA should be at war with these terrorist Arabs in Gaza and utterly defeata them, enabling the rightful inhabitants of the Land, the Jewish people, the people who gave the idea and means of ordered liberty to the West, to inhabit and be sovereign there.

When it comes to Israel, the Bush administration, like nearly every Administration before it going back at least to 1933, has been hypocritical and vicious. Since Israel is the best friend and source of technology, intelligence (civilian and military) and values for America, the hypocrisy of its Executive branch is suicidal.

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